How to lead people not problems

You’ve got a leader on your team that you’re developing. They’ve got the trifecta. Talented, hungry, and humble. You can’t beat that. They’re continuing to come to you with problems instead of handling them on their own. You trust them with the situations but don’t want them to feel like you’re not available as a resource or even worst make a bad move and cause a bigger problem. What do you do?

1) Tell them you trust them and you’re glad they trust you with this problem.

2) Focus on the person. Don’t fix the problem for them. Of course you know the answer because your ability to solve problems is what got you in the role you’re in now. Be attentive to what the person is really struggling with. Are they insecure? Do they not trust their gut? Are they fearful of confrontation with another team member?

3) Ask questions. Great leaders are coaches. If you are coaching well you are listening 80% of the time. Ask them leading questions that make them THINK and LEARN how to think critically.

Remember, you’re not developing people who lean on your leadership but leaders who trust in their own leadership because you’ve instilled a culture of courage.

I hope this helps!

Joyfully Forward!