I saw my counselor and she called me the "D" word...



To be honest I knew it. I went to see her because I felt off. I’ve been feeling drastically less motivated, not like myself, overwhelmed by minor tasks, and unusually distant from God during my times with Him. When she told me I was depressed I was surprised by the immediate feelings I had.

I felt…

1) Embarrassed…i’m the joy guy!

2) Relieved…i’m not crazy.

3) Hopeful…I can go up from here.

I’m sharing this with you because as leaders it’s important we acknowledge how we feel so we can lead from a place of self-awareness and humility. As a leader if you can’t take care of yourself good luck taking care of other in a meaningful lasting way. I look forward to taking big steps in self-care and sharing the results.

Joyfully forward!

Justus Murimi