My 3 simple steps to forgiveness


Why don’t most leader grow spiritually? I’ve found when working with leaders one of the main reasons they don’t breakthrough to the next level is because of their unwillingness to forgive. Below, are my 3 simple steps to forgiving others.

1) Acknowledge the pain. It would be weird if we saw someone with a broken leg limping around but refusing to get a cast because he was “ok”. We do the same thing with our emotions. Often times I thought anger and sadness were spiritually immature. The first step I take is to acknolwedge the raw emotions with God and trust that He can handle them.

2) I forgive. Forgiveness is a process. I may forgive someone for something but then some rage about it comes up later. I forgive again and then I’m reminded of something else. It takes time but I take each though captive and push myself into forgiving that person.

3) I bless. As I grow in forgiveness I’ve learned to become a man of blessing. When I’m wronged I want to deal with the pain, forgive, and then bless that person and their family. I want to bless their work, their spiritual life, and their relationships.

I hope this helps!

Joyfully forward!

Justus Murimi