How to Listen


Are you listening? Are you listening to your team, spouse, yourself, and God? I recently went to a Blackaby coaching workshop in Atlanta. I was humbled. At the workshop they taught us 3 ways to 3 levels to listening. Before I share them you have to know that listening is a muscle. The more you practice the better you become.

The 3 ways we listen are…

1) Ears - this is WHAT you hear

2) Eyes - this is WHAT you see

3) Spirit - this is What the Holy Spirit is telling you is going on

The 3 levels of listening are…

1) Listening to self - your thoughts

2) Listening to content - what the other person is sharing

3) Between the lines - mood, tone, anxieties, hope, what is not being said, metaphors.

How are you doing at listening? Where are you strengths? Where are you weaknesses? I hope this helps.

Joyfully forward!


Justus Murimi