My son made me cry with one question...

“Daddy, Why are you always watching running videos?”

Do you ever realize what you do when your heart hurts? Some people drink more, some do drugs, some get angry, and some eat more chocolate. I triple my intake of youtube videos. In my toughest season as a leader I watched youtube videos more than I would like to admit. And it wasn’t just any youtube videos it was videos of ultra-runners. Men and women who run 50-100 mile races. They are insane and super inspiring.

So, my son asks me that question and I answered without even thinking “because I like watching people do hard things and not give up.” I started crying immediately. I knew that I was attracted to people with grit, determination, and will power. I was in the middle of a race that I believe God wanted to use to give me character.

I made it to the end of that race and there are more races to come. God asks the prophet Jeremiah if he can’t make it now how is he going to “run with the horses”. I want to run with the horses. What are the horses? The big challenges! The major shifts that need to take place in our towns, cities, and nations. The breakthroughs in our marriages, work, and personal life.

If you’re reading this I want you to run with the horses too! You’re a leader of leaders, a champion, and a world changer. Don’t give up! The fact that God is allowing you to run a hard race shows he believes in you.

Joyfully Forward!

Justus Murimi