I almost quit my calling - here's why


About 6 months ago I was in one of the hardest places in my life. An event in my life came out of nowhere and I was ready to call it quits. I remember looking at my wife at night with tears coming out of my eyes and said “should I just quit?” I was a pastor at an amazing church but tough seasons had piled up and I had nothing left...except a vision.

I’ve often had the same dream or vision when I close my eyes. It’s of me speaking on stages and seeing the joy of the Lord fill people’s lives. The second dream I have is of me walking by an endless amount of cubicles encouraging every person in the room. It’s this vision that kept me in the “game”. I was ready to give up that vision for an easier life.

Now that I’m on the other side of this I wouldn’t change a thing. The challenges produce the character that give you permission and ability to carry the heavier mantle of leadership. A vision so big only God can make happen requires a lot of character.

So, what’s your vision? What dream do you have hidden in your heart? Have tough seasons and pressure caused you to give up? Let the pressure produce the diamond. Don’t quit! The fulfillment of the vision is on the other side.

Joyfully forward


Justus Murimi