I get to meet with a lot of high performing leaders.  Leaders that are filled with talent, passion, and humility.  Often times they find themselves in a rut that they often describe as feeling "stuck".  I can usually hear it coming out of their lips before they say it.  Feeling stuck sucks!  You don't want to feel that way, it creates anxiety, and often can simply leave a leader highly discouraged.

Most times I talk with people who say they're stuck it's because they're sad, scared, or overly focused on self.  Below are three simple ways to get unstuck.

1) Sad?  Sad is about something that has happened in the past. Ask yourself "What has happened recently that is causing me to hurt emotionally?" Sit in the silence for longer than 5 minutes. Once you find out what that thing is feel that feeling of sadness, share the story of what happened with someone you trust, and forgive whoever hurt you.

2) Scared?  Fear has to do with the future.  A lot of the leaders I meet with sit in two camps.  Fear or rejection or failure. Ask yourself "what's the worst that could happen?"  Ask that question to yourself until you get to the core reason you're afraid.  Often times the core reason isn't that big.  Share that fear with someone.

3) Overly Self Focused?  Find someone in need in your circle of influence.  Give them something that will help them overcome that need. Do they need encouragement, money, a listening ear, etc?  You can partake and invest in seeing them succeed.

I hope these are helpful.  I believe in you! Let's go change the world.

Justus Murimi