How to Persevere

Look i’m 32 so I can’t really say that i’m a pro at enduring.  I’ve also failed enough times to know that sometimes you have to stop. Sometimes God tells you to stop.  I’m also not saying that you shouldn’t set healthy boundaries. 

I’m also tired of watching high performing leaders quit.  Nothing shortcuts living out your purpose quite like quitting does.  I’ve seen firsthand how it affects relationships, work, projects, etc…  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to quit everything. Quitting doesn’t just shortcut other people it shortcuts you!  Sometimes(most of the time) there is something in your character that is being refined so that you can step into your next great thing.  The person you are today can’t lead what God has in store for you tomorrow.  He has to uproot it, sharpen it, and replant it.  Your character, legacy, and impact on the world needs for you to stay in the game.

Don’t believe me? Read the biographies of all the people you are in awe of.  Somewhere in their story they almost gave up but in the 9th inning a miracle happened, the money came in, or the idea popped in their mind.  If they were to quit it wouldn’t have happened.  Just when they were willing to give up they tried one last time.

I wish I had a nice phrase like “winners never quit and quitters never win” but I don’t.  All I know is that your one step away from the next great thing and we need you to stay in the game.

Below are some practical things I do to stay in the game…

  1. Remember your purpose and vision statement(don’t have one? I can help.)

  2. Read the stories of pioneering men and women (Harriet Tubman, Walt Disney, etc..)

  3. Find a tribe that will hold you to your vision (don’t have one? I can help.)

  4. Find a mentor or coach that will listen and help you through the season

  5. Pray with fervor…not one of those 3 minute layups.  

Joyfully forward!

Justus Murimi