How to find your purpose

Ok!  This is definitely a blog with the intent that your community would join my launch purpose groups.  I’m not even gonna lie!!!

As I talk with more and more leaders that feel stuck there is one common theme.  They have no Idea WHY they exist.  From christians to non-christians alike.  You can’t live on purpose if you don’t know what your purpose is.  I know it may sound really simple and that’s because it is.

High performing leaders like you often get focused more on WHAT they need to do instead of their WHY.  Once you get your WHY in place a lot of other things fall in order.

So why are you here?  There’s no one in the world like you!  No one has the exact same gift sets, passions, and abilities that you do.  You aren’t an accident and without you are world is robbed of a precious gift.

Below are some practicals that should help you get started

  1. Create a purpose statement

  2. Find a tribe that will hold you accountable

  3. Ask your closest friends and family members why they love having you around

Don’t know where to start? Apply to one of my launch purpose groups here!

Justus Murimi