How to create an abundance mentality

There is more…this will be a quick blog. Also, I’m still learning more about this.   There is a negative mentality that I will take on sometimes that will keep me from believing there is more.  More what? Anything…miracles, joy, money, relationships.  

The mentality I’m talking about is the poverty mentality.  It’s dangerous.  The poverty mentality says theres only so much.  It’s rooted in fear and the belief that somehow our God doesn’t supply all of our needs.  

As a leader it can cripple you because you lose vision, creativity, and the willingness to take risk.  You don’t dream because there’s no point if there isn’t another way.  You lose the joy of creating something new because there’s nothing out there.  And you don’t take risk because you don’t want to get hurt and end up with nothing.

When I’m walking out of this mentality I think other people owe me something.  And I get frustrated when they don’t give me what I want.  Instead of believing God will supply and maybe He has another way for me to attain what I need or maybe I just don’t need what I think I need.

Below are some practical ways to begin having an abundance mentality…

  1. Begin each day with thanksgiving.  

  2. Celebrate other peoples wins

  3. Find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve and ask them how they did it.

  4. Ask God how he wants you to attain what is on your heart and wait in silence for more than 5 minutes.

If you need help with any of these I can help!

Joyfully forward!

Justus Murimi